Experience and Key Assignments


Many reports have been authored, edited and supervised while in the South African government over a period of 15 years up to the end of 2011. These have covered such diverse areas such as:


  • Public Works Progammes   
  • Integrated Development Planning
  • Local Economic Development                                                     
  • Municipal Infrastructure and Investment
  • Municipal Partnerships                                                                             
  • Intergovernmental Relations / Cooperative Governance 
  • Pubic Participation
  • Urban Policy and Renewal 
  • Rural Development 
  • Disaster Management 
  • Municipal Finance 
  • Local Government Institutional and Capacity Building 
  • Local Government Performance Management 
  • Local Government Anti-Corruption 
  • National State of Local Government Reports
  • National Turn-Around & Support Programmes for Local Government


During 2012, key strategic research and policy advisory assignments were undertaken. Reports and presentations were prepared addressing the following:

a. Overview of Decentralisation in Africa between 1980s and 2012 (for GFA Consulting, appointed by GIZ Support Programme to AMCOD / UCLGA)

b. African Charter on the Values, Norms and Principles on Decentralization, Local Governance and Local Development (Lead Consultant, GIZ Support Programme to AMCOD / UCLGA)

c. Assessment of Fiscal Decentralisation / Equalisation in Selected African Countries (GIZ Support Programme to AMCOD / UCLGA)

d. Discussion Paper on Youth Employment and Local Development in Africa (UNDP)

e. Policy Brief on Local Government Inclusive Service Delivery for Southern and Eastern Africa (UNDP)

f. Sharing Lessons on IGR and Local Government Transition with the Government of Kenya.

g. Concept Paper on the Transformation of the African Conference on Decentralization and Local Development (AMCOD) into a Specialized Technical Committee (STC) of the African Union (AU).

h. Support to United Cities and Local Governments - Africa (UCLGA) and AMCOD in drafting a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

i. Member of a Task Force of the Senegalese Government to draft a Proposal on  a High Council of Local Authorities within the African Union.

j. Facilitator of a High Level Bangladeshi Government Delegation Study Tour to South Africa focusing on urban development and local government, July 2013.

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