Elroy Africa Development Consulting (PTY) LTD is an international activist public sector governance and urban development policy based-consultancy, located in Pretoria (South Africa) that is,

  • driven by a PROGRESSIVE CAUSE to advance equitable and sustainable development
  • informed by a VALUE SYSTEM that is embedded in our common humanity 
  • focused on the GLOBAL SOUTH where social capital and natural resources have the competitive edge 
  • defined by PROFESSIONALISM which cherishes quality work, integrity, ethical conduct and mutual respect 
  • energized by NEW PARTNERSHIPS that have the potential to facilitate inclusive social and economic networks and stimulate a new development discourse and trajectory
This consultancy provides strategic policy advisory and development facilitation services in four key areas, namely, urban development, local government and decentralization, local economic development (LED) and donor aid and development cooperation.

Your partner in urban development, decentralisation and local governance
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